VV Family

Videovisit Family - user guide

Supported devices

  • Works on Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS & Android OS
  • This service is recommended to be used on a laptop or desktop PC/Mac with external audio- and videodevices (headset and webcam)
  • This service can not be used on the following operating systems: Windows Phone and other rarer operating systems

Laptops and desktop systems

Supported browser based operating systems and browsers - Videovisit recommends using newest version of Chrome or Firefox browser

  • Windows 7 - Chrome, Firefox
  • Windows 8 - Chrome, Firefox
  • Windows 8.1 - Chrome, Firefox
  • Windows 10 - Chrome, Firefox, Chromium Edge
  • MacOSX - Chrome, Firefox
  • MacOS - Chrome, Firefox
  • Linux variants - Chrome, Firefox

Mobile devices - getting started

  • Download the Videovisit Family -app from your mobile devices app store
    • Application can be found on Play Store (android) and App Store (iOS)
  • Once the app is downloaded, please log in using your Videovisit credentials

Mobile devices - User interface and calling

  • Pressing the globe icon allows you to change the apps language before logging in.
    • Options are Finnish, English and Swedish
  • Log in by entering your Videovisit credentials (Username and password) and hit Sign in
  • Settings -menu allows you to change the applications settings
    • Select language - choose the app's language between English, Finnish and Swedish
    • Terms of service - opens in your default browser
    • Privacy policy - opens in your default browser
    • Send feedback - a feedback form will open in your default browser
    • Sign out - signs you out of the service
  • Contacts - shows available contacts you can call to
    • To initiate a video call, press the phone icon next to the contacts name
  • Recent - Shows recent calls in descending order from latest to oldest
    • Shows inbound and outbound calls. These are marked with an arrow up or down
    • You can call a contact by pressing the phone icon next to that contact (just like how you'd call through the Contacts -interface)
  • In-call UI layout- Shows participants and their status
    • You'll see the other participant in fullscreen while your own and their videos can also be seen in the top right corner
    • Shows an icon when a participant has muted their microphone or camera, as seen in the small icon in the top right
  • Pressing the small pictures in the top corner makes the chosen participant focus, moving their video feed to fullscreen
  • In-call settings - Tapping the screen while in a call open up in-call options
    • Call duration and name of the focused participant shows up in the top left corner
    • Settings - Allows you to change your camera feed (front, back etc.), microphone and speakers
    • Mute - Mutes your microphone. Pressing this again unmutes mic.
    • Disable camera - Disabled your camera. Pressing this again unmutes camera.
    • Leave call - Ends the call and takes you to end call screen
  • End call screen - shows after you've left the call
    • Shows call duration
    • Pressing Close takes you back to the page where you called initially