Android Customer User Interface and Application

Android end-user device User Interface and Application

Front page - Home

  • Front page provides date/time and shows a background image.

Front page - Contacts

  • Contacts provide possible Relative Contacts linked to the device
  • A call from the device to a contact is made by pressing the icon of the desired contact

Incoming call and answering the call

A normal call

  • When a call is made to the device, a following notification is presented on the device's screen (picture below)
  • The call is answered by pressing the green 'Answer'- icon button
  • The call can be ignored by pressing the red 'Decline'- icon button

Forced call

  • When a forced call is made to the device, the following notification is shown on the screen (picture below)
  • Forced call cannot be declined by the user
  • The call will connect automatically after a few seconds

Video calls User Interface

  • After the video calls connection is established, the User Interface is as shown in the picture below
  • The counterpart's live video image is shown on the whole screen of the device (Replacing the background image)
  • The red 'Phone'- icon button will end the connection - bottom left corner
  • The end user (For example customer/patient) does not have to perform any other actions in the User Interface