VV Home Professionals

Workstation installation

Please, kindly go through the following instructions before taking a new workstation into use.

VideoVisit end client tablet installation

Please, kindly check the instructions from here on how to setup the tablet at a customer's home.

User Interface

1. Press the VideoVisit logo in order to go back into the address book

2. Press Calendar in order to go to the scheduled activities

3. Press Addressbook in order to go back to address book

4. Mute Audio mutes the alarm audio signals

5. To activate forced call from the Force connection -button and then enter the ”Reason for Call” information. Thereafter you need to select the client to whom you will place the call. By using force connection the connection will automatically open to the client so that the client does not need to touch the tablet at all. Therefore you must have a signed agreement from your end client so that you are allowed to make forced calls.

6. From Unanswered calls you can check the calls which you haven’t answered.

7. Change the number of contact information which you are able to scroll up and down.

8. Using Search you can filter the contact list.

9. Organize the address table based on the data section by clicking the header of any column.

10. Select the contact(s) you like to establish a call. The dot on the right side tells you if the customer is online (green or yellow) or offline (red).

11. All the clients are marked with YES if it is allowed to make the forced call to them.

12. Navigate to previous or next page from these buttons.

Making a call

  1. Select the client(s) by pressing the client line(s)
  2. Press Call
  3. Press Confirm

Calls to multiple clients

You can call to multiple clients by clicking the lines of those clients you want to call to and after that pressing the Call -button and Confirm to confirm your call.


When joining a call, you will get to the configuration window, where you can make sure you have the right Camera, Speaker and Microphone selected. You also should have Echo cancellation and Microphone auto level enabled as in the picture.

Forced Call

  1. Press Force Connection
  2. Enter the reason for your call
  3. Select the client to whom you are calling and press CALL button.
  4. You will notice that the Forced Call has been selected before you press the confirmation button.

When Forced Call is active, the “Force Connection” button is green. If you like to cancel the call, press the “Force Connection” button again so that the color of the button goes grey.

During the Call

When calling;

  1. Check that you have selected the right camera and audio devices.
  2. Check that you do have echo cancelation activated.
  3. Press the “Join” -button in order to proceed.
  4. You will see first your own picture. Wait patiently to get the called person into the screen.

Extending the session time

  • In case you here the beep sign you are running out from the session time.
  • You may activate 15 minutes session extension by clicking the green phone handset once. If you click it twice the session will be extended by 30 minutes and so on.

Ending your call

End your call by clicking once or twice the red handset icon in a screen depending on your organization's settings. If it's two times, after the first click, the handset changes into a confirmation which you need to click.


    • The call need to be ended always by the caller, who will see both the green and red handset in the screen up left corner.
    • If you are the caller and you wish to end your session, remember to disconnect always your call from the red handset.
    • If you don’t do so, the call stays active even if you are only closing your browser and receiver will hear it ringing.
    • The same happens in case you do not disconnect the call and even if call receiver disconnects the call from his computer’s red handset.

In the case your system is ringing during a call

In the case you hear VideoVisit alarms either during your call, check that you do not have VideoVisit HOME open in some other tab or browser window. If you do, please close the extra tabs and windows.

  • To fix it if you can't find the exact page that's making the noise, close all other browser tabs and all other browsers except for the one you are working with.