End client tablet installation

Before installation

    • Keep in mind to make the test call before the end client installation.
    • The tablet need to be fully charged before the end client installation.
    • You need to have keyboard available during the installation in case there's any problems.
      • Use the keyboard stand delivered with the tablet or USB based keyboards. Note! You need to have USB_C adapter when using Lenovo Miix320 tablet if you're not using a tablet without a keyboard stand.
      • Keyboard might be needed during the installation for problem issues.
      • You MUST take the keyboard with you from the end client and store it in your office for future use.


  • Install the tablet at end client premises in a way that the camera is not facing any window or bright lights as this will make rest of the picture darker.
  • Tablets need to be installed on the tablet stand. Please, inform your clients not to take the tablet out from the stand. The tablet need to be always available in the right position.
  • The best position varies from client to client.
    • In case you need to follow up your clients dining the best place for the tablet is a place where the eating can be supervised.
    • At all times the tablet needs to be powered by the charger. You might need extension cable for AC mains while doing the installation.
  • Connect the power cable to the tablet and start the tablet by pressing power button around 4 seconds. The tablet is starting up when there comes Lenovo text into the screen.
    • Wait couple of minutes. The tablet is ready to be used when the VideoVisit user interface shows up to the screen.
  • Make a test call in order to figure out the quality of the internet connection. For this you might need some help or you can use the coffee shop if that's enabled.

Possible Problems

  1. VideoVisit user interface will not appear into the screen.
    • Check that the tablet has been connected into the internet.
    • In case Server not found check that the tablet has been properly tested before the client installation. Check if the installation is meant to be done based on wireless LAN, and if so, check that the wireless LAN adapter has been powered up and the device has been connected into that Adapter.
      • Further instructions has been described in the chapter Checking the Internet connection
  2. The video quality is poor?
    • Most probably the problem is in the Internet connection
    • See Checking the Internet connection
    • Contact your service department in case the problem can’t be solved.
  3. In case the tablet does not operate properly please contact your service department.

Checking the Internet connection

  • Attach the keyboard to the tablet.
  • Press and keep down ctrl + alt while typing the following V V A G
    • This allows you to use the mouse and keyboard and stops the browser from being forced to the front
    • Click or press on the browser window and press alt+f4.
      • In case the browser starts again after a while, try again ctrl + alt + V V A G and close the browser again, the v v a g command pauses videovisit agent for five minutes
  • If using 4G connection, check the internet quality from the right down corner.
    • In case there is no or very poor connection, press from the ^ button which can be found from the right down corner and you will find the Internet connections from there.
  • In case the internet connection is active but the quality of video is poor, check the quality of the internet;
    • Open Firefox by pressing at the same time SHIFT button.
    • Open http://speedof.me/
    • Press Start test
    • The results should be at least:
      • 5 Mbps Download
      • 5 Mbps Upload
      • In case there is a need to have multipoint session, the Download should be around 10-20 Mbps depending on the amount of the participants
    • The latency should be maximum 100 ms.
  • You should try to move the tablet or WiFi router into the other physical place inside the house.
    • If possible place the device near by the window or into the other side of the house in order to check the internet quality.